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Green Terramesh

Mesh reinforced soil system for vegetated slopes

Maccaferri Green Terramesh units are prefabricated units that comprise of a polymer coated wire mesh with an additional layer of welded steel mesh at the facing and triangular supporting bracket. ​They can be used individually or combined with geogrid reinforcement for the stabilisation of soil slopes in a wide range of applications including slip repair work, steep slope construction in both residential and road infrastructure works as well as in specialist applications such as noise barriers and rockfall bunds. Maccaferri Green Terramesh units provide a permanent formwork in the front face of reinforced soil slopes as well as contributing to the overall stability of the structure. The front face is normally soil filled and planted to achieve vegetated solution however where required rock can be used in the front face. This versatility along with the construction and technical advantages offered by Green Terramesh have seen the widespread use of this system through New Zealand and Internationally.




Green Terramesh units are 0.6m in height and are prefabricated from a single panel of wire mesh with an additional welded steel mesh at the facing and triangular supporting bracket. Opening and pivoting of the triangular supporting brackets create a 70 degree face angle. Green Terramesh system is manufactured from Galmac (Zn-5%AL MM alloy) coated wire with an additional polymer protective coating applied over the Galmac coating to maximise the level of protection. All supporting brackets and welded mesh are heavy galvanised. Biomac Grasstrike is used in the front face for temporary erosion protection during establishment of the vegetated face.


Green Terramesh units used individually or with geogrid in reinforced soil slope construction. The backfill used with Green Terramesh is generally an engineered fill suitable for use on most earthworks sites. A maximum particle size of 75mm is recommended to limit installation damage to the mesh coating and geogrid reinforcement. A 300mm to 500mm zone of topsoil is placed up against the Biomac Grasstrike in the front face to provide a growing medium for the selected vegetation. Rock can be used in place of topsoil to line the face in areas subject hydraulic action or where a rock feature is required. Bidim geotextile is used at the interface between the gabion rock and backfill.


The fixed face angle and vertical lift simplifies construction of the reinforced soil slope when combined with geogrid. Green Terramesh structures can exceed 50m in height, Green Terramesh can be used in a wide range of engineered soil types. Green Terramesh structures allow for geogrid to be terminated at the face minimising the risk of exposure of the geogrid to UV, fire or vandalism. The Maccaferri Green Terramesh system has independent technical approval.


Supplied in the following sizes:


Green Terramesh 

 Size  (L x W x H x R*)

2m x 1m x 0.6m x 2.0m 



*R = Reinforcement length The components that make up Green Terramesh are:
A. Double twisted wire mesh
B. Horizontal shot bar
C. Biomac Grassstrike 300
D. Welded steel mesh
E. Triangular supporting bracket
F. SS steel rings