Close up view of Super Silt Fence with cap

Super Silt Fence Accessories

Geofabrics stock a range of accessories for their Super Silt Fence, these include:

  • Silt Fence Clips
  • Silt Fence Pins
  • Steel Y Posts
  • Plastic Safety Caps
  • Silt Fence Wire





Accessories for Super Silt Fence include:

Silt Fence Clips - Reusable silt fence butterfly clips to attach the silt fence to the wire. 
Silt Fence Pins - Used to secure the silt fence to the wire.
Steel Y Posts - For use with temporary fencing such as silt fencing. Posts are coated for improved durability
Plastic Safety Caps - Reduce the risk of cuts and abrasions from exposed post ends and are placed on top of the Steel Y posts. Brightly coloured for visibility.
Silt Fence Wire - 2.5mm high tensile wire for use with silt fence and safety fences.


Super Silt Fence accessories are supplied in the following:

Product Size
Silt Fence Clips 250/bag
Silt Fence Pins 100/bag
Steel Y Post 1.35m / 1.5m / 1.8m
Steel Y Post Caps 20/bag
2.5mm HT Wire 5kg/25kg