JackJaw® Y Post Puller

Stake and Post Extractors That Work

Designed and patented by a concrete contractor, JackJaw® Y Post Pullers make an easy task of pulling stakes and posts. With a couple pumps of the handle, stakes and posts will break loose.  The JackJaw® Y Post Puller is our customers' favourite tool to use because it pulls concrete stakes, pulls tent stakes, pulls sign posts, pulls ground rods, or just about anything else that's in the ground with ease.




JackJaw® Y Post Puller is made to last from high-grade steel with replaceable basally 360 laser cut jaws.


JackJaw® Y Post Pullers Remove:
Concrete form pins and stakes - "Y" fence posts / Waratahs - String line stakes
Flat stakes - Tent stakes and rebar
Sign Posts - U pickets, square and round posts
Utility grounding rods - Drill rods for nuclear density gauges


  • Saves your back
  • Saves time & money
  • No need for extra force
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe to use
  • Eliminates broken concrete
  • Works on soft ground curves 

General Information

JackJaw Flyer (PDF)