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Biomac-P BioPeg

Biodegradable pegs for erosion control mats

In keeping with the need for safe and environmentally friendly solutions within the landscaping and erosion control industry, Geofabrics and its partners have developed Biomac-P BioPeg, a unique two piece peg for fixing down biodegradable and synthetic erosion control and revegetation mats in a variety of soil types. The use of Biomac-P BioPeg minimises public liability issues often associated with rusting pins for landscaping applications. This makes it ideal for use in public spaces such as parks, sports grounds and along walking tracks. It is also suitable for holding down erosion mats in corrosive environments such as those found in coastal zones and associated with acidic soils.




Biomac-P BioPeg is composed of an eco-friendly material, developed in New Zealand and manufactured from a formulated mixture of natural, renewable and biodegradable materials that are friendly to the environment. The polymers used in Biomac-P BioPeg ultimately decompose into water, carbon dioxide and humus and the additives are natural and environmentally benign. The primary catalysts for ultimate decomposition are bacteria, fungi (enzymes) and natural weathering (hydrolysis).


Biomac-P BioPeg is used for securing biodegradable and synthetic erosion control mats, weedmats and mulch mats to soil surfaces. The longevity of Biomac-P BioPeg will vary from site to site, but can typically be considered in terms of several years. The root systems for plants used with both bio and synthetic mats will be well established and sustainable before decomposition of Biomac-P BioPeg.


  • Unique 2-Piece Peg with separate washer
  • Superior impact strength compared to one piece products.
  • Separate washer minimises damage to the mat retaining head as it sits free of the impact area for most of installation impact time.
  • Absorbs impact from hammering into ‘firm’ soil types, without shattering.
  • BioPeg’s unique shaped tapered fins have been designed to maximise surface area, which give maximum resistance to “pull-out” once installed.
  • Point design gives excellent penetration, is strong and minimises ‘puckering’ of mat material.


Biomac-P BioPeg is supplied in the following sizes:

Grade BioPeg 175 BioPeg 250
Length 175mm 250mm
Quantity Box 250 Box 250


General Information

Biomac-P BioPeg Brochure (PDF)

Technical Information

Biomac-P BioPeg Datasheet (PDF)