The expansion of urban and industrial development has generated large areas of impermeable surfaces such as roofs, car parks playgrounds and roads. As a consequence, stormwater run-off increases substantially resulting in flooding and discharge of pollutants into stream, rivers, ocean outlets and storage systems. Geofabrics offers cost effective stormwater management through Stormwater Infiltration and Stormwater Retention Systems.

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Infiltration Systems

Geofabrics can offer you different solutions to suit your changing applications or council requirements. Each solution will have its own merits, whether its long and low or short and deep, needs pre-treatment etc, we can help with your design. With an Infiltration system stormwater enters the VersiTank or EcoAID arches located below the surface to soak away into the surrounding soils through the geotextile lined walls and base recharging the surrounding natural soils and water tables rather than pooling or causing runoff problems on the surfaces above.

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Retention Systems

Geofabrics can offer you different retention solutions to suit your requirements. In a retention system the stormwater enters the VersiTank® or EcoAID arch structure located below ground and is held for either slow release or for possible reuse. Stormwater enters the lined VersiTank® or EcoAID arch structure and fills the tank structure for either slow release through restricted outlet pipes or the stored water can be held within the units for reuse by drawing off by means of a pump for reuse i.e. toilet / laundry use, washing house / cars, watering gardens etc.