Geofabrics knows the landscaping industry demands the latest and most innovative solutions to keep up with market design and trends. Geofabrics mission is based on being innovative and offer an extensive range of landscaping solutions from irrigation to feature ponds, through to drainage and revegetation ideas.

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Feature Ponds

There is a growing trend for natural looking water features in the landscaping industry, from a feature to a practical application. Feature ponds enhance the character of parks, golf courses and other recreational areas. ELCOSEAL® geosynthetic clay liners are ideally suited for lining ponds as they offer an easy to install solution with easy laying to match almost any pond profile. The cover material over ELCOSEAL® provides a natural base to the pond allowing them to blend in with the surroundings, Together with Enkamat turf reinforcement mat for lake edge erosion control the use of these products meet the technical requirements for the application without detracting away from the aesthetic appeal provided by the water within a landscaped area.

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Geofabrics has the drainage solution to meet your various landscaping projects such as Megaflo® sub-surface drainage. Megaflo® is a pre-wrapped panel drain system for use in field drainage, in golf courses to behind retaining walls. Megaflo® has the ability to move large volumes of water efficiently for excellent field drainage while also removing possible hydro static pressure behind retaining walls. 



Geofabrics range of products assist in the establishment of vegetation in new and existing landscape areas. Biomac Woolmulch is a fully biodegradable matting used to provide erosion control and retain soil moisture during the plants establishment and for ground cover on slopes.  Where permanent protection is required for grasses and shallow rooted plants both Enkamat turf reinforcement mat and MacMat-R, a composite of coated steel mesh and a 3D polyethylene matrix for use on overly steep slopes can be used. Rootbarrier provides a barrier against migration and spreading of plant roots which can cause costly damage to pavements, roads, building foundations and buried installations. If there is a need to hold soil on steep slopes then Geoweb, a multi functional cellular soil containment system can be considered.