Geofabrics has a solution for your structural wall or under floor drainage/gas migration project. Geofabrics has the technical design and experience from a vast array of projects to give you product advice and are continually looking for new and innovative solutions. 

Wall Drainage.jpg

Wall Drainage

Retaining and basement walls require efficient drainage to prevent the development of hydrostatic pressure resulting in increased soil loads on the structure. Cordrain sheet drainage can be placed directly up against the wall structures and is designed to collect moisture over the full wall height and channel the moisture down to a collector drain at the base of the wall. Megaflo® panel drains are efficient collector drains that remove water more efficiently than traditional round pipe. In addition Cordrain offers a level of protection to the waterproofing membrane system during the backfilling operation.

Under Floor Drainage.jpg

Under Floor Drainage

TechDrain drainage net and Enkadrain sheet drainage can also be used in under floor applications. TechDrain and Enkadrain can replace heavy traditional gravel drainage layers under floors. These lightweight geocomposite drainage products provide fast and efficient drainage of liquid and reducing hydrostatic pressures on any possible flaws which may occur in the sub floor building structure as well as capturing gases that could affect building occupants.